Wakeboarding at Al Forsan – Discounts!

We’ve posted about the wakeboarding park at Al Forsan Sports Resort before – check out our reviews here and here if you haven’t read them yet! We’ve survived another hot summer in the desert and now that the weather is cooling down again, we’re back to enjoying the cable park at least once a week!

Recently, we’ve discovered the following tricks to get a discount on the entrance fee, so we thought we’d share them with you here 🙂

Monday night is ladies night! 50% off the entrance fee for girls plus a free drink (Mojitoooo!). I can’t find it advertised online anywhere, but I’ve gone several times now. Great offer!

Any day, males and females, 10% discount, if you book your ticket online at www.alforsan.com The catch is that you have to have a PayPal account set up, but once you login to PayPal you can simply use your linked credit card for your payment. Note that the discount isn’t applied until you get to the final payment stage.

How to get more out of the park, either way? Get up early and be there for 10am on Friday or Saturday. The weather is cooler and the park is empty. You’ll have the lake to yourself. Well, … kinda. You’ll have to share it with us 🙂



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