Losing hair in the UAE? Try a water filter.

When we first moved here we both noticed a drastic increase in hair loss. It was actually quite scary. If you talk to people over here about their experience, most will report the same issue. No surprise that the supermarket shelves are full of ‘anti hairfall’ shampoos.  I’ve read news articles where hair loss of expats is blamed on the stress they experience when moving to the UAE, or it was blamed on the natural effect of aging in women, but if you speak to people who have tried different things they will swear it has something to do with the water. Whatever is causing it – we’ve found something that improved hair loss for us… Continue reading “Losing hair in the UAE? Try a water filter.”


Yoga Classes in Varkala, India

When we visited Varkala in India I was very keen to try out some different yoga teachers! (There is still no way of persuading Joshua to try yoga …) There are numerous Yoga Schools in Varkala that you can find online, and if you walk along the shop fronts of Varkala beach you’ll be bombarded with flyers for Yoga classes. So where do you start? Here’s some feedback about the classes I tried.  Continue reading “Yoga Classes in Varkala, India”

Eco Friendly Sunglasses? EQO Optics!

With the mission to reduce our environmental impact, we’ve been looking for better choices when replacing old/broken belongings. One thing Joshua used to go through like crazy is cheap plastic sunglasses from the petrol station. They either fell apart or were lost within a few weeks, just to be replaced with the same kind of rubbish. Besides this being an absolute waste of plastic, it was also bad for his eyes, as the cheap lenses were definitely not good enough to protect him against the UV rays of the desert sun.

So, off I went on a quest to find some eco friendly sunglasses online. Continue reading “Eco Friendly Sunglasses? EQO Optics!”

Foggy Season in the UAE

People say the UAE only has two seasons: hot, and very hot. But there is a bit more to it than that. In my books, there is also the perfect season, the cold season, the foggy season, the rainy season and the sandstorm season!

During December the foggy season usually starts, which may hang around for a few weeks. This causes some very thick fog, especially in the morning and sometimes during the night, making for some very dangerous driving conditions. You wouldn’t believe the scenes we’ve witnessed on the road, ranging from people doing 180 down the center lane to people parking in the middle of the highway without any lights on, so do drive very very carefully! If you live in a skyscraper, work from home and admire the show from your window – if you can see anything.

Visiting India – A Reality Check

India being so close to the UAE makes it an exciting, easy getaway, so with a week’s holiday left to take this year we ventured to Varkala in Kerala, in the very south of India. The trip gave me a lot of food for thought, so there will be a few posts coming up on related topics, but the first one I want to start with today is to address the stark reality check I got by visiting Varkala: the reality of the luxury and consumerism we live in, and the reality of the poverty and hardship other people face. For many, none of the experiences I share here will be news, and I was obviously aware of the stark contrast of India vs my world already, but the trip provided a much needed reality check and a thirst for making a difference. Continue reading “Visiting India – A Reality Check”

The Minimalism Game in Preparation for the New Year

I am not sure where 2017 has gone, but then again, the last 4 years have been a blur. In Abu Dhabi it seems that one summer blends into the next and time just flies by you. And so we find ourselves on the 1st December, 2017. 2018 is right there ahead of us, with all the hopes and worries that new years may bring with them. For us, I think 2018 will be a year of big change. Much needed change. And with that looming ahead, and having spent the last week in simpler living conditions in India, I feel the growing urge to simplify life  further and to eliminate unnecessary items from our lives. Continue reading “The Minimalism Game in Preparation for the New Year”

Wakeboarding at Al Forsan – Discounts!

We’ve posted about the wakeboarding park at Al Forsan Sports Resort before – check out our reviews here and here if you haven’t read them yet! We’ve survived another hot summer in the desert and now that the weather is cooling down again, we’re back to enjoying the cable park at least once a week!

Recently, we’ve discovered the following tricks to get a discount on the entrance fee, so we thought we’d share them with you here 🙂 Continue reading “Wakeboarding at Al Forsan – Discounts!”

Sailing with Abu Dhabi Sailing Academy

We started sailing in Abu Dhabi when we first move here, taking an RYA dinghy sailing course at the Hiltonia Beach club with Watercooled (article here). But, then summer came, and life got in the way. This year we’ve experienced a sailing-revival, starting with going sailing regularly at Eastern Mangroves, renting dinghies from Noukhada, but the costs added up, and we were looking to experience bigger boats. Luckily, we came across Abu Dhabi Sailing Academy, located as Yas Marina a few months ago! Josh, Dave, Charles and I, took the Intermediate Sailing course, allowing us to rent the boats, and have since been out on the water every week that we’ve been in the country. Believe me or not, if you take off at 5:30pm and sail into sunset, the temperature is actually not bad at all. Continue reading “Sailing with Abu Dhabi Sailing Academy”

More New Zealand Videos :)

Life is crazy busy at the moment and time for writing anything is seriously lacking. We are in the middle of a move (within Abu Dhabi), visa renewals, passport renewals etc and I am still busy with editing footage from our trip to New Zealand in February.

In the meantime, please do keep up to date with our videos on You Tube 🙂 posted once a week, every Saturday. Once this move is over I will hopefully be able to return to my weekly blog posts too!

Here’s the most recent one, of our road trip through New Zealand:

Traveling New Zealand 2017

In February we managed to escape Abu Dhabi for three weeks for our annual return to New Zealand! This time round, we were going to go on a tour around the South Island, ultimately ending up on Stewart Island. We collected quite a bit of footage of some of the most beautiful places, but if you ask me, New Zealand is a place you have to experience. It’s beauty cannot be captured easily on film. Yet, if you are stuck across the pond and haven’t been able to travel to NZ yet, do follow our upcoming series on our YouTube channel to get a taste for this wonderful place 🙂 Enjoy. First little intro video went up this weekend!