Eco Friendly Sunglasses? EQO Optics!

With the mission to reduce our environmental impact, we’ve been looking for better choices when replacing old/broken belongings. One thing Joshua used to go through like crazy is cheap plastic sunglasses from the petrol station. They either fell apart or were lost within a few weeks, just to be replaced with the same kind of rubbish. Besides this being an absolute waste of plastic, it was also bad for his eyes, as the cheap lenses were definitely not good enough to protect him against the UV rays of the desert sun.

So, off I went on a quest to find some eco friendly sunglasses online. Continue reading “Eco Friendly Sunglasses? EQO Optics!”


Zero Waste with a Little Help from my Friends

Like everything, it is easier to make changes in your life when you have the support of your friends. Be it a diet, going to the dreaded gym, getting over a bad relationship… or going zero waste.
When we moved to the UAE, I was struggling with keeping up our routines that we had implemented in New Zealand to help us reduce our waste. It just didn’t seem possible here. Continue reading “Zero Waste with a Little Help from my Friends”

Savona ME – natural, handmade skin/haircare products

I love to support local businesses and am always on the lookout for natural, chemical-free and packaging-free products. While browsing a pop-up market at Al Raha Beach, I came across a stand from Savona ME. Savona sells beautiful soaps and other skin/hair care products that are handmade locally, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, and they put thought into the packaging materials that they do use. Continue reading “Savona ME – natural, handmade skin/haircare products”

The STUFF Challenge – Week 2 Review

Waste on the Go

During the second week of October we were traveling around the USA, so no waste was contributed to our household bins. We’ll extend our challenge for another week into November to really get a 1 month overview of our household waste. But the week itself was not “wasted” (terrible pun….) on the challenge, as it provided us a lot of insights into waste production in the USA, and how much waste we produce when we are on the go in general. Continue reading “The STUFF Challenge – Week 2 Review”

The 30 Day Minimalist Challenge

We move frequently, especially now that we are in the UAE where the yearly rise in rent has us looking elsewhere year in, year out. And although our moves usually only involve us transporting a backpack of stuff each, they are always preceded by the hassle of getting rid of all of the stuff I managed to accumulate in our apartment while we were living there.

On a mission to avoid this recurring scenario, I set myself the goal to declutter our household once and for all and rid us of unnecessary stuff. Continue reading “The 30 Day Minimalist Challenge”

Second Hand Furniture UAE

Abu Dhabi offers you a multitude of opportunities to spend your money on new furniture, whiteware, electronics and home decor. You’ll find anything here – from Ikea, to designer gold-plated items and oversized Swarowski-encrusted statues of wild cats.

Although “charity shops” are not common here, there are several other options to get second hand goods in excellent condition. The expat population here in Abu Dhabi is in a constant state of movement – some people buy everything new and leave the country after just a few months, or a year or two. There are great bargains to be had, and less waste created by buying second hand. We found the following excellent sources for used goods in Abu Dhabi/UAE: Continue reading “Second Hand Furniture UAE”

Pet Fostering & Adoption in Abu Dhabi

The number of homeless cats and dogs in Abu Dhabi is unreal. Not only do many people fail to have their animals fixed, a lot of them simply drop them out in the streets when they are bored of them or when it’s time to leave the country. A number of organisations are trying to tackle this problem, and they are in dire need of support! Continue reading “Pet Fostering & Adoption in Abu Dhabi”