Abu Dhabi & Dubai – There is always something on!

There’s always something happening in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and although you could always spend a fortune on the luxuries of life, there are in fact a lot of activities available for free. Two free events that we enjoy going to every year are certain exhibitions held at ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center), which always display some weird and wonderful things, and the Red Bull sports events. 

In 2016, we visited the annual ADIHEX (Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition), which is always fun to explore if you enjoy the outdoors. No need to be into hunting and horses per se. There is a lot to see and the video below only shows a fraction of what is there. Check it out!

Red Bull also puts on annual events in the UAE (Red Bull Air Show), but last October was the first time they ever brought their Cliff Diving competition to Dubai. The Cliff Diving World Series came to the city for their last show down, with men and women competing by jumping off the Pier 7 building in Dubai marina, from an incredible height of 27 and 20 m, respectively. Pier 7 is not a pier. It is a building full of bars, restaurants and clubs! Something you gotta see to believe. Video also posted below.

Stay tuned to the YouTube channel for more upcoming videos about living in a sandcastle 🙂



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