Losing hair in the UAE? Try a water filter.

When we first moved here we both noticed a drastic increase in hair loss. It was actually quite scary. If you talk to people over here about their experience, most will report the same issue. No surprise that the supermarket shelves are full of ‘anti hairfall’ shampoos.  I’ve read news articles where hair loss of expats is blamed on the stress they experience when moving to the UAE, or it was blamed on the natural effect of aging in women, but if you speak to people who have tried different things they will swear it has something to do with the water. Whatever is causing it – we’ve found something that improved hair loss for us… We bought a water filter from Pure Blue. The filter can be screwed into any shower hose and is supposedly filters out chlorine, sand, lead and salts. We purchased our first one a few years ago and definitely noticed a reduction in our hair loss quite quickly after installing it. Our hair is still significantly thinner than it was when we moved here, but I would say the water filter has reduced the rate of hair loss significantly. The cartridge is changed every 6 months and when you see how scummy that filter looks after half a year you’ll be happy to continue buying refill cartridges for the sake of not washing with whatever it is that the filter soaks up. The product is sold online and delivered to your doorstep. See Pure Blue’s full description of our local water problem and the reason why their filters work here.

If you’ve found anything that works for you, please do share in the comments below!



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