Paragliding in Abu Dhabi – Al Wathba Hill

After completing our paragliding training abroad, we immediately started searching for sites to get flying in the UAE. We had heard about some opportunities, but never actually seen any of the locations.

Our first stop was Al Wathba Hill, by Abu Dhabi. This is a huge man-made hill, which was built up next to the Wathba horse racing track. Its a neat site, as it can be flown pretty much year round and with winds from several directions.

The hill is privately owned but open to the public at this time. Please make sure you follow all rules set out for flying at this site, to ensure it remains open to the public for flying!

More info about the site can be found on Paragliding Earth at this link.

In order to get permission to fly, you need a site briefing, and you may never fly alone. There is an active group flying here regularly, so once you get in touch with them there will surely be plenty of opportunities to get up in the air at Wathba. Please contact them via their Facebook page “UAE Paragliding” to organise for a site briefing, and to source further info about flying in the UAE in general.

Some of the takeoffs can be a bit tricky, the wind can pick up quickly, and there are various restrictions on flying activities, so please be wise and inform yourself.

This is a neat site and we are lucky to have this in Abu Dhabi. One of the many attractions we have out here in the desert. Come and join the fun!

If you haven’t seen our videos of flying at Wathba Hill yet, do head over to our YouTube channel to check them out 🙂






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