Paragliding in Spain – Day 13 & 14

The last video of the Paragliding in Spain series is up – Day 13 & 14. Check it out! There’ll be more videos to follow on a weekly basis about our life in Abu Dhabi, our travels and sports 🙂 We hope you’ll continue to follow our channel 🙂If you want to give paragliding a try, or want to improve your skills, I’d definitely recommend Algodonales as the location and Zero Gravity as the school. Algo has so many flying sites in the vicinity, that allow you to fly in very varied conditions and all sites offer something different. Zero Gravity allowed us to progress at our own pace, and we managed to complete ParaPro stages 1+2+3 in only two weeks. Jose and his lads are awesome people, very knowledgeable and very patient. We always felt safe and were well looked after by them.
I have to thank a lot of people who made this trip what it was:
Particular thanks goes to Jose Ramon Perez and his team at Zero Gravity, Javi Garcia and Pablo Andreu AcroPower. Thank you for letting us advance at a pace to suit our abilities, and for simply being awesome, inspirational people.
Thanks to our crazy kamikaze starfish pilot, Khaled M. Abd-Allah, who always kept us entertained; and Gadery Poluki, a kindred friend, who I look forward to catching up with very soon.
A ti también, Angel, gracias por las discusiones sobre como cocinar comida española y los chistes!
Thanks to Patrik Gårdmo for sharing his passion for cross country flying – we both want to get into it and hope to visit you some day to check out your gorgeous flying sites.
Thanks to Kimmo Ilppola and the rest of the Finns for the ongoing laughs.
And to Fredrik Gustafsson and everyone else we met throughout Algodonales who shared their love for paragliding with us, and showed off some mad skills in the air that will keep us inspired to improve our canopy skills!


2 thoughts on “Paragliding in Spain – Day 13 & 14

  1. Mikka

    I loved to follow your experiences the last weeks.Well done! Thank you so much for the vids. All the best for the future weeks back on ground. Best regards, Mikka (Pilot from Lueneburg, Germany)

    1. Hey Mikka, Glad you enjoyed the videos! It was a big learning experience, not only on the flying but also on the video filming and editing front. We’ll continue to post and hope that you’ll continue to follow 🙂 Thanks for your comment. This kind of feedback means a lot! Ganz liebe Gruesse aus Abu Dhabi! Ini

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