Moving in the UAE – the Saga begins

As I am used to moving regularly since I was a child, I usually associate moving home with the excitement of a new place and the joy of decluttering and redecorating. In the UAE… not so much.

Rents increase annually, and often in horrendous proportions. So even if you like the place you are renting, and don’t actually want to move, you may not want to pay the 5 figures extra that your landlord is asking for at your yearly contract renewal. While the news keep on reporting that rents are due to stagnate, this has not happened in Abu Dhabi as far as we’ve seen, and this is definitely a key reason why we keep on moving further away from the capital.  So next week, we are leaving Al Reef behind, and moving to the middle of the desert – Al Ghadeer. The community’s slogan says it all: “At the crossroads of the nation“. Yup. Smack-bang between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, along Truck Road. Firstly, the rent is cheaper than in Abu Dhabi (at this stage), and secondly, one of us works in Dubai so this is a half way point that will allow us to evenly share the commute to work.

And, there are a few things that can make moving over here just a little…. less pleasant. So I will use this opportunity – our third move within the UAE – to share with you some info on what is involved in moving into a new rental property, and leaving a former rental property in the Abu Dhabi emirate over the next week or two. Check back soon! 

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