Savona ME – natural, handmade skin/haircare products

I love to support local businesses and am always on the lookout for natural, chemical-free and packaging-free products. While browsing a pop-up market at Al Raha Beach, I came across a stand from Savona ME. Savona sells beautiful soaps and other skin/hair care products that are handmade locally, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, and they put thought into the packaging materials that they do use. I’ve tried several of their soap bars and was very happy with their products – they smell great, last long, and only have a little bit of paper packaging. You can find a Savona ME stand at Souq Planet at Etihad Plaza in Abu Dhabi, or contact them on Facebook for delivery. Unfortunately their website isn’t up and running at the moment (, but upon contacting them via Facebook at SAVONA-Middle East they sent me the following info about their company, which I would like to share with you below. Well done to the founder Islam!

Company Profile

As pharmacists, we have always been dealing with chemicals and have known the hazards of their everyday use on our health. The fact that our skin, the largest organ in the body, is in direct contact with these chemicals worried us a lot, so we decided to do something about it. We have spent two years reading huge amount of literature and research looking for the ingredients that will help us produce natural skin products with 0% chemicals. A lot of our time, money and effort were dedicated to this project but it was all worth it and today we are happy to present to you Savona.
Savona Middle East is a Local company specialised in the production and marketing of all kinds of 100% Natural Handmade Soap, Bath & Body products, Skin Care products & Spa products etc.

The Company is proud of being one of the most Innovative Soap Manufacturers in the Middle East.
*We make our soap by hand using the finest oils and butters and the most valuable essential oils and precious herbs.

*our ingredients are either brought from the local market or imported from outside depending on availability

*We add no animal products, no chemical,no additives, no artificial preservatives or colours and our products not Animal Tested.

We never add the harmful chemicals that are found in commercial products:

1-Parabens :
these are usually used as preservatives and they can lead to endocrine problems.

Sodium laurel sulphate and Sodium laureth sulphate :these are foaming agents that are added to most shampoos and shower gels.they are very irritating for skin,cause dryness and have been linked to cancer in many studies.
3-Artificial colours :
we only use natural Herbal colorants like turmeric, cocoa,kelp etc and mica colours that are exact duplicate from the natural mica that was once mined from the earth and they are the only colours approved by the FDA.

4-Artificial Fragrances:
we only use Essential Oils for scenting our products.

Propylene glycol and Polyethylene-glycol
these are petroleum based compounds.

damages the natural skin barrier.

8-Mineral oil:
it is actually derived from coats the skin,clogs the pores and interferes with the skin ability to eliminate toxins which increases acne and other skin conditions.

this is usually found in antiperspirants and deodorants and is related to Alzheimer in many studies.

this is found in anti bacterial soaps and sanitisers.In fact anti bacterial soaps lead to the evolution of new resistant strains of bacteria.

these are often found in antidandruff shampoo.

12- Coaltar :
found in anti dandruff shampoos

a skin lightener

*Our gorgeous artful designs are created using natural colours, clays, herbs, and seeds.
*Our oils are chosen for their qualities to moisturise, for hardness and luxurious fluffy lather. They are naturally gentle, excellent for all skin types, and are available in a variety of fragrances and unscented.

*We don’t remove glycerin from our Handcrafted soap. Glycerin which is a by-product of the soap making process is always removed during commercial soap making to be sold at high prices. So with our Handcrafted Soap you get a fabulous cleanser and moisturiser all in one.

*we have expanded in a very short time to produce other body & hair care products including:
Handmade Natural Soap Bar
-Body Bars.
-Exfoliating Bars.
Facial Bars.
Shampoo Bars.
Shaving Bars.
Dry Skin Bars.
Oily Skin Bars…
Hair Oil.
Hair Herbal Tea.
Facial Serum.
Sugar Scrub.
Coffee Scrub.
Moisturising Body Lotion.
Lotion Bar.
Bath Bombs.
Lip Balm.
Foot Balm.
Body Butter.
Liquid Hand Soap.
Liquid Shampoo.
Handmade Natural Pets Shampoo Bar.
Dog’s Fur Tea.
Aromatherapy Essential Oils Blend.
Massage& Body Oil.

Authentic handmade manufacture in UAE using all natural ingredients and cold process artisan methods.

Since we started our project we are very much concerned about our wrapping and packaging materials:

*Our soaps are wrapped in paper,unlike many other brands that use shrink wrap.

*We use PET plastic bottles and jars as this is the most safe for cosmetics and body products(it does not leek any of its components into the product and is recyclable).

*Our face and eye oils are placed in bottles with spray top,so there is no need for cotton balls for application.
We don’t have any waste during manufacturing of soaps and other Savona products;as all the ingredients are used for production of the final products and we send the empty bottles and jars to recycling.
Thank you for taking the time to go through our business profile. If there are any question, inquiry or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Islam A. El-giziry.
Founder & Executive Director
SAVONA-Middle East

Middle East.

My recent Savona ME shop 🙂

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