Climbing Wall, Dorell Sports – Dubai

I still haven’t come across a public climbing wall in Abu Dhabi – if you know of one, please do share its location below in the comments 🙂 Thankfully, friends of mine located one in Dubai and took me there a few days ago. This is definitely one for the cooler months, as it is an outdoor wall built on the outside of an apartment building, but right now the weather is perfect so go check it out!

The wall is run by Dorell Sports. It had 7 top ropes and a set-up to suit climbers of all abilities when we went – from the absolute beginner (incl. children) to the advanced climber that wants a challenge. The wall spans 15 m and they’ve made great use of the small space they got. Although it seemed busy when we got there, we never had to wait to get a spot on the wall and people were super relaxed and friendly. Training is offered, but if you know your stuff they’ll simply check if you can belay safely and then let you get on with it.

Awesome fun! Will definitely be back, before it gets too hot out.

Hint, hint: If you have a bare wall on a tall building in Abu Dhabi, please turn it into a climbing wall !?! 



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