Traveling to the UAE with Medication

There’s a lot of discussion online about what medication you are not allowed to take to the UAE with you. Here are some links to webpages that list the policies of the Ministry of Health:

[Note: If you are a USA citizen, the rules and regulations are supposedly a bit stricter… ]

In my experience, and that of many others apparently (see Lonely Planet discussion), there is no issue with bringing medication with you. But rather be safe than sorry and ensure that you carry some relevant information with you, incase you ever do get asked what you’re carrying. I usually have any medication in my carry-on, and ensure I have a letter from my doctor, a prescription for the medication, and it’s original packaging with me. Neither have I ever filled in any declaration form, nor have I been questioned about the contents of my bag upon entering or leaving the country.

Poppy seeds are banned though – so be wary of carrying those baking goods with you …



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