The STUFF Challenge – The Ins & Outs of our Household

After successfully completing the 30 Day Minimalism Game in September, we set ourselves a new challenge for the month of October:

The STUFF Challenge – Tracking the Ins & Outs of Our Household 

The Rules 

  • We will record everything that we bring into our household, excluding our essentials such as food and beverages, toilet paper and tooth paste. 
  • We will collect everything that goes out of our household, so we can monitor how much and what kind of waste we produce. 

The Aim

After this month we aim to have a better understanding of the items we consume and waste, so we can minimalise this over the coming months in order to lead a more sustainable lifestyle 🙂

The Preparation

  • Receptacle for compost/rotting food waste.
  • Receptacle for recyclables.
  • Receptacle for non-recyclables / landfill.

During the Minimalism Game I learnt that I own much more stuff than I though, and that a large proportion of my belongings are made up of items I never use, need or even like. It was an eye-opener, and I expect that paying closer attention to what we buy will help me reduce an accumulation of such stuff and unnecessary consumption.

The UAE also has some serious waste issues: landfills are overflowing, an incredible amount of food goes to waste, and water usage is said to be the highest in the world (over 500 litres per capita per day!!). By paying more attention to what we waste, we hope to do our own little bit to help reduce this burden and hopefully inspire other people to do so too.

Watch this space… and do get involved! We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences of minimalizing and reducing waste 🙂 


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