Oceana Grill at the Hilton Capital Grand – Abu Dhabi

For dinner on Thursday evening we enjoyed the buffet at Oceana Grill restaurant. From a presentation stand point the food on offer looks as aesthetically pleasing as most of the other buffets at the major hotels. A vast selection of salads, cheeses, soups, breads and vegetables complimenting several meat options at various serving stations throughout the restaurant.

What really stood out for me were the great flavors of the food on offer. Although comparably priced buffets at the Rotana or Crown Plaza hotel restaurants tend to look great, I find the dishes are often bland in taste and can be a mixed bag when it comes to how well they have been cooked. This was not the case with Oceana.

Every dish I sampled had a distinct flavor and was well prepared. Hot dishes were not under- or over-cooked, with many having a very agreeable seasoning, spice, or sauce that really made them unique.

Although I was not eating meat, I longingly surveyed the carvery stations. The seasoned chicken looked and smelt great and the cook-to-order beef and lamb cuts tested my resolve to eat vegetarian.

While searching for humble chips, which I use as comfort food for when I really want to eat meat, a young chef originally from Germany approached me. Clearly the chef took pride in his work, enquiring how I was finding the food, proudly explaining some of the options and even offering to prepare requested dishes to cater for my vegetarian diet. As I explained I would really like some chips he even insisted he have the kitchen staff prepare a fresh batch!

At AED 195 per person they offer bottomless wine for an additional AED 35++, which I though was not too bad, and after experiencing the quality of the food I believe it was worth every penny.

Service was good throughout, with the staff friendly and eager to please…I was not addressed as “mamsir” once, which is the usual standard for many other places around Abu Dhabi.

All in all, I was impressed with Oceana restaurant and would recommend it as the best buffet I have come across in Abu Dhabi for under AED 200.


[Thanks to Hilton’s Global Media Center for providing these great photos of the Oceana Grill, and the exterior of the Hilton Capital Grand Hotel in Abu Dhabi.]


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