Free Online Learning –

I’m always seeking to further my knowledge – to add some CPD to my CV, learn a new language, or to look into a new hobby. A few months ago I came across Future Learn, a company owned by The Open University, that has partnered with some great institutions and universities from all over the world to offer free online courses. The courses are run for a certain duration of time, providing you with videos, text, downloads and references for further reading. The great thing I found is that, once you register for a course, you can access the materials any time after it’s been uploaded. No need to log on at a certain time. The material is even still available to you after the course has officially finished. They’re big on encouraging you to communicate with fellow students, and every class usually comes with a discussion board where you can comment on and discuss the material with others. The courses track your attendance, some include small quizzes to revise material covered, and if you’d like a certificate of completion for a course you can get one for a small fee.

Do you know of any other good websites that offer free online courses? Please do share 🙂


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