Second Hand Furniture UAE

Abu Dhabi offers you a multitude of opportunities to spend your money on new furniture, whiteware, electronics and home decor. You’ll find anything here – from Ikea, to designer gold-plated items and oversized Swarowski-encrusted statues of wild cats.

Although “charity shops” are not common here, there are several other options to get second hand goods in excellent condition. The expat population here in Abu Dhabi is in a constant state of movement – some people buy everything new and leave the country after just a few months, or a year or two. There are great bargains to be had, and less waste created by buying second hand. We found the following excellent sources for used goods in Abu Dhabi/UAE:

  • Facebook: most communities in Abu Dhabi/UAE have their own Facebook sites, where people advertise items or entire households for sale; these sites usually also advertise a man-with-a-van who will help you with transport too.
  • Dubizzle: a classifieds webpage for used items, jobs, etc; you will generally be required to pick these items up yourself.
  • Nefertiti Used Furniture: the only second hand shop that we found so far – they don’t only have their extensive showroom in Abu Dhabi city, but also several apartments crammed full of everything you may need to fill your house, including electronics, curtains, whiteware, etc; they also offer delivery and set up the furniture for you; call them if you’re looking for something specific or just go and browse – they were very helpful. And, they may even buy back off you when you leave the country.

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