Tina Bock Yoga – Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

I’ve been on a long quest to find a yoga teacher that gets me excited about improving my pretty basic practice… and I think I might have found her 🙂 Tina Bock recently gave a free ‘taster’ session at the Bodytree Studio in Abu Dhabi and it was simply inspiring! The room was packed with people, from beginners to advanced (I was one of the poor beginners) and there was so much energy in the room. This girl knows her stuff, and she is good! And she knows variations. Lots of them. If you think yoga is boring and repetitive, check out Tina’s classes.

She’s currently teaching at the Bodytree Studio and at the Hot House in Abu Dhabi, and also teaches privately. Can’t wait to attend more of her classes! Find out more about Tina Bock on her website www.tinabockyoga.com, Facebook, or youtube channel.

There’s also a Groupon on sale at the moment for classes at the Hot House – this voucher is for new clients only, so a great way to give hot yoga and bickram yoga a try. It’s 50% off! Gotta love groupon.

Tina Bock Yoga
Tina Bock Yoga

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