Pet Fostering & Adoption in Abu Dhabi

The number of homeless cats and dogs in Abu Dhabi is unreal. Not only do many people fail to have their animals fixed, a lot of them simply drop them out in the streets when they are bored of them or when it’s time to leave the country. A number of organisations are trying to tackle this problem, and they are in dire need of support!

If you think you could foster or adopt a pet, please check out the following groups: Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter, Animal Action Abu Dhabi, Sandy Paws, and Feline Friends Abu Dhabi. You can also go to the Adopt-Me page where some of these groups advertise animals that need fostering or adoption.

The Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter is part of the Falcon Hospital. It is part of a very well equipped facility that also offers the best kennels and cattery in town. They offer adoption at a cost, but no fostering.

The non-profit organisations that we have dealt with include Feline Friends and Animal Action Abu Dhabi and both have been fantastic. Since November we’ve been fostering Twister and Dezzy for Animal Action Abu Dhabi. If you foster for Animal Action Abu Dhabi, they cover the essential vet bills; all you supply is a home and food for the animals. But if you’d see the size of their vet bills, and the endless list of animals that they are trying to rehome, you’d understand that they are in dire need of support. These voluntary organisations pay most of the bills out of their own pockets, as donations don’t cover them.

If you have a heart for animals but cannot foster or adopt you can always show your support by donating money towards the vet bills that arise from looking after homeless animals in need. Or, if you have some spare time, why don’t you offer your help as a volunteer to one of these organisations? They’d be happy to have you 🙂

Can anyone give Twister & Dezzy a home?
Can anyone give Twister & Dezzy a home?

So what do you do if you see stray animals in the streets of Abu Dhabi? The Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter abides by a No-Kill policy and runs a Trap-Neuter-Return service. If you see a stray animal on the streets call 800-1122, for the Center of Waste Management. They have a trapper who catches the strays and takes them to the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter for treatment, neutering and microchipping. All dogs and cats that can be rehomed will stay at the center for adoption, and the rest of the cats will be released where they were found. You’ll be able to identify these stray cats by their tipped left ear (i.e. 1/4 of the ear was surgically removed for identification). This service is completely free to the caller.



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