Traffic Incident? Call SAEED!

Traffic is crazy in Abu Dhabi/the UAE and accidents are very common. Best to familiarize yourself with what to do and who to call in such a case…

If you are involved in a traffic accident, either with another person or with a pole that happened to be in your way, you need to call SAEED on 800SAEED (80072233). Don’t move far from the scene. Just call them immediately. They are a private organisation that deals with non-fatal traffic accidents for the police. You can also call the emergency services on 999, who will forward your request to SAEED for a minor incident, or send you police and an ambulance for a severe incident.

If the incident is minor and there shouldn’t be any dispute about who caused the crash, then you are encouraged to move the vehicles involved aside so you don’t block the traffic. If you make the all-too-common mistake of moving away from the scene completely, and decide to call SAEED after you’ve had a coffee at home, you will get a bad surprise: you will be told to return to the exact location where the incident occurred, with the vehicle in question, and you will then have to call them again and wait for them to come to record what happened. Been there, done that.

So save yourself the hassle and get onto them straight away. SAEED are very efficient and only take a few minutes to show up. They’ll record what happened and then they’ll give you the all important piece of paper that you’ll require for all further steps (insurance, panel beater etc). If the paper is pink, you’re at fault. If it’s green, you’ve been deemed innocent. This report will automatically go to the relevant insurance companies and they should start managing the compensation amongst themselves.

In the end, you’ll receive a friendly text message from them, asking you to be more careful next time. And a bill for a few hundred dirhams for their efforts 🙂

Drive safe people! Make sure you’re wide awake when you’re on those roads…


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