New Year Resolutions

Lifestyle choices make up a huge part of who we are, but some are easy to forget when commodity and cost come into play. Two important choices we made in the past included not eating meat or fish (unless we’ve caught and prepared it ourselves), and minimising our household waste. But location and lifestyle changes have not allowed us to stick to this everywhere we’ve lived. Since we moved to Abu Dhabi, the desert environment and pro-plastic society have made it even more difficult. The dawn of the new year always seems like a good time to start anew, so as 2014 draws to a close we’ve decided to be more strict on ourselves and return to those values that we held in such high regard. In that respect, Joshua has made a vow to only consume meat/fish if he has hunted/caught and prepared it himself, and I aim to reduce our waste to an absolute minimum again. As of today, we have not gotten any closer towards securing our success (ie. we’ve already eaten everything we’ve hunted and fished during our Christmas holiday, and I have no idea how I will get away with even buying two apples in Abu Dhabi without being forced to wrap them in plastic), but thankfully we’ve still got a couple of days to sort this out… watch this space.

Happy New Year!


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