Slava’s Snowshow

Slava’s Snowshow

Slava’s Snowshow at the ADNEC (April 17-19th) was everything it promised to be, and more. It was a beautiful, entertaining show, with simple but awesome effects, fabulous music, a very interactive show and 7 brilliant clowns that managed to make the audience feel a whirlwind of emotions.

Slava Polunin’s character is brilliant and every single move the clown makes in his big yellow jumpsuit and red fluffy shoes keeps you captivated. The fact that the other 6 clowns are dressed differently make Slava stand out even more, but throughout the performance you see that each of the other clowns has a different character, which adds greatly to the show. The clown’s take you on a journey through a dream world where Slava experiences sadness and despair, happiness and love. One minute he is dreaming of sailing the high seas, using his bed as a boat, the next minute he is getting lost in a snowy forrest, or getting caught up in cob webs…. and the audience is constantly involved in one way or another.

The influence of Cirq du Soleil was definitely felt, but what was most impressive is with what simple means they managed to put on such a great theatrical performance. The fact that we sat quite far back, but could still follow the emotions of the clowns and were fully involved in the interactive show says it all. Definitely go and see this if the show comes to your town! 

And please, leave your cameras and iPads at home. Photos cannot replace the moments of the show that you are missing while staring at the camera, and the constant lights and flashes from the audience distract from those special moments. ADNEC definitely needs to be stricter on their “no photographs” rule!


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