TransAD runs a very efficient and affordable taxi service, which is more of a public transport system than a luxury here.

Their taxis are silver and have a yellow light on their rooftop.

Call 600535353 to book. The call center has never failed to get a taxi to us within 5 minutes. Once the system locates a taxi for you, you get a text with the driver’s name, mobile number and taxi number, and the drive calls you too, to confirm he is on his way.

There are taxi ranks outside malls, but there are so many taxis on the road that it’s easy to just wave one down.

Make sure the meter is zeroed and that you can see the display. The meters produce receipts if you need one.

Lost in translation?

First, consider that many taxi drivers speak little English.

Second, remember that this place does not use addresses like other countries, which makes giving directions pretty difficult.

So know the number/name of the main road that leads to where you’re going and which landmarks are located in the vicinity (eg malls/ hotels/ banks/ schools). Google maps are helpful for this purpose, but not perfect.

Does the driver speak English, know where he’s going, and doesn’t drive like crazy? Ask if you can call his mobile for future journeys. That’s peace of mind for you and a regular customer for him.

Remember your seat belt! Every journey on these roads is an adrenaline rush…

Flag fall, day/night 3.50 AED / 4.00 AED
Price per km (for less than 50 km), day/night 1.60 AED / 1.69 AED
Booking fee for call center, day/night 3.00 AED / 4.00 AED

Al Raha beach to Al Whada Mall or Reem Island is ~ 50 AED.

Abu Dhabi to Dubai is ~ 150-250 AED, depending on location within cities.


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